Nothin' Like I Thought
Are you about to turn fifty and wondering what happened to your life?  
Did you set out to have one career and end up with three?  Did you vow
till death do us part and then end up parting ways once, twice or even
three times?  Do you look at your children and wonder who they are and
where they came from?  Nothin' Like I Thought is a collection of life
stories and personal anecdotes about friendship, family, love and
marriage, motherhood, careers, growing up, turning fifty, happiness and
fulfillment that will empower, enlighten and entertain women and the men
who love them. Nothin' Like I Thought, a baby boomer's look in the rear
view mirror about the author's life and that of ten special girlfriends.
Aunt Erma and Uncle Leonard were parents to the three of us every
summer for two weeks. We thought our parents would miss us if we
stayed long. After raising two children, I now recognize that those
two week vacations for us were really about "vacations" for our
parents "from us".
Quotes from Readers:

"Your book is a great read, well written and really comical!  Everyone
who has raised children within the lat twenty years has faced the
issues you discuss with great humor and wonder. None of us really
knew the answers."  Brenda McFarland

" ws an enjoyable and thought provoking read. I laughed a lot at the
similarity of experiences captured by the writer.  I was especially
touched by the resiliency of the women depicted in the book as they
described their life challenges and how they dealt with them."


Nothin' Like I Thought...


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