About Our Business

Emersonstreet books is an independent publisher of fiction and non fiction founded by
author and publisher, Arlene Y. Burke in 2007.  Arlene Y. Burke was born in Evanston,
Illinois where she attended Evanston Public Schools graduating from Evanston Township
High School in 1964.  She holds bachelor and master degrees in education and taught
elementary, junior high and high school for seventeen years.  She has also worked as a
consultant and supervisor with the Chicago Regional Program Chapter I servicing non public
special education facilities in Chicago.  Before retiring, Ms. Burke worked as a senior client
representative for IBM in the education industry for seventeen years.  

The first product for emersonstreet books is Nothin' Like I Thought, a creative non
fiction/memoir that brings a glimpse of a baby boomer's life and those of her girlfriends
through their experiences, thoughts and reflections while coming of age in the sixties.  The
book is comprised of short, funny and inspirational vignettes based on real events and
people's recollections of growing up and growing older.  Grandma's Fairy Tale Museum,
also available in audio/ebook format (from Xlibris), is a children's book written in poetic
form published in 2009.  It encourages children and parents to explore the fairy tales again.
Quid Pro Quo, Ms. Burke's most recent work, is a fictional story about the secrets and lies
kept at a small minority business firm as it attempts to survive amid big city politics.  It is
now available in ebook format from www.smashwords.com and Apple or in trade back
copy from emersonstreetbooks.com or Amazon.com.
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